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Dakota Fanning copied Britney Spears’ look as a child.

The 17-year-old actress looked up to music icons as a youngster and emulated their signature style. Dakota has enjoyed experimenting with different trends throughout her childhood.

“As a girl, Britney Spears was my idol, so I played around with some of her looks,” she explained in the January issue of Marie Claire.

“The most adventurous I’ve been with make-up was on the film The Runaways. One of the looks was like silver spray paint over my eyes which I still try to emulate, in a modified way.”

Dakota is a big fan of beauty products. The pretty star insists nail care is paramount when it comes to completing her look.

“I am obsessed with nail art – I’m desperate to try the thing where they literally put toys on your nails,” she quipped. “I collect Chanel nail polishes and have nearly all of them displayed in my bathroom – the minute one comes out, I’m all over it.”

Dakota’s younger sister Elle is following in her footsteps and has stepped into the film industry spotlight. Dakota is protective of her 13-year-old sibling, and wants her to dress appropriately for her age.

“If I were to give my younger sister beauty advice, I’d say that although it’s fun to go crazy with make-up, I don’t like seeing young girls trying to be someone they’re not,” she explained.

“I think we should keep youthful for as long as possible.”


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The Fanning sisters, Elle and Dakota, are in talks to team up as siblings (method!) for a planned feature film about the sixties family girl-group curiosity the Shaggs. The Shaggs, one of rock’s quirkier no-hit wonders, were comprised of four New Hampshire sisters — Dot, Betty, Helen, and Rachel Wiggin — who had no seeming musical aptitude, but formed a band anyway because their father, Austin Wiggin, insisted his mother’s session with a palm reader pre-visioned their global success despite their awkward, gangly appearance.

They recorded one cacophonous album, 1969′s Philosophy of the World, which was widely derided, and they laid down the instruments they weren’t quite sure what to do with in the first place after their father’s death in 1975. But they did have their fans, like Frank Zappa, who infamously called them “better than the Beatles,” and the band NRBQ, which rereleased the girls’ album in 1982.

Dieckmann (who directed 2009′s Motherhood, with Uma Thurman) spent the late eighties and early nineties shooting music videos for R.E.M., Aimee Mann, and the Throwing Muses, and first set up her Shaggs movie at the now-defunct Artisan Entertainment, and it bounced around Hollywood for years — until now.

Oddly, just as the Fanning sisters are boarding Dieckmann’s cinematic project, a long-gestating Off Broadway musical about the Shaggs and their only album is also finally and simultaneously taking shape. The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World starts previews in mid-May, and opens Off Broadway at Playwright’s Horizons in June.

It’s almost Greek in nature,” says John Langs, the musical’s director and co-creator. “There’s a very clear line of an American Kronos, devouring his children: He essentially imprisoned his teenage daughters and erased their years of going from girls to women, and replaced it with endless band practice and calisthenics. Now, with our show and the movie coming together, I feel like we’ve become instruments of this prophecy. I feel the hand of Austin Wiggin pushing at my back.”



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Dakota Fanning and Ryan Donowho will star in the indie thriller “Mississippi Wild.”

Robert Duvall, Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitaker are also in talks to join the cast.

Jesse Baget will write and direct, with Shannon Makhanian and Ryan Johnson producing; Todd Slater exec produces.

Story follows a teen, to be played by Donowho, who has to go on the run with his girlfriend after stealing diamonds that belong to a local gangster. Fanning will play the g.f., and Rourke is being eyed for the gangster role.

Whitaker would play another gangster who is chasing after Rourke’s character.

Production is set to begin March 21 in Atlanta.

The busy Fanning also has signed to star alongside Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff in “The Motel Life.” Alan and Gabe Polsky will produce and direct that pic through their Polsky Films banner, with Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster scripting.

Fanning will shoot “Motel Life” in February and then jump into production on “Mississippi Wild.”

Donowho next stars in “Rites of Passage,” and Whitaker can currently be seen on CBS’ “Criminal Minds” spinoff “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.”

Rourke, last seen in “Passion Play” and “The Expendables,” will next star in Relativity Media’s “Immortals,” while Duvall recently starred in “Get Low.”

Duvall and Rourke are repped by ICM, while WME reps Whitaker.

Fanning is repped by the Osbrink Agency and One Talent Management. Donowho is repped by UTA and Brookside Artist Management. Baget is repped by Zero Gravity Management.


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Stephen Dorff has had to endure having hundreds of hair extensions fitted for new film The Motel Life.

The American actor is about to start shooting the big-screen adaptation of Willy Vlautin’s novel, in which he plays one of two brothers whose lives are thrown into turmoil after a tragic accident.

“My hair isn’t very stylish – I have 400 hair extensions in my hair right now because I’m shooting a new movie, so there wasn’t much that I could do to hide my hair tonight,” he said at the Elle Style Awards in London.

Stephen, who starred in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, won the gong for best actor at the ceremony.

He said of his new film: “It’s a movie based on a novel called The Motel Life.

It’s me and Emile Hirsch. We play brothers and Dakota Fanning’s in the movie as well, so I’m working with another Fanning this time, as I worked with Elle in Somewhere.

“It’s nice, and I’m really excited to go back and start shooting.”
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Here is another article with more details of the plot:

Dakota Fanning has signed onto star in Girls Night Out for Eccose Films.

The story takes place in 1945 on V.E. Day after World War II has ended. The story centers on Princess Margaret, the sister of the current Queen of England, who is allowed one night out of Buckingham Palace to celebrate the war being over. The role of Margaret’s sister, Elizabeth, who joins Margaret in the festivities, has not yet been cast.

Michael Hoffman (Gambit) is directing the project from a script by Trevor De Silva. Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae are producing for Eccose Films.

The project will be introduced to international buyers at the European Film Market. No production schedule for Girls Night Out has been announced.


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New project for Dakota! Who is excited?. The movie sounds pretty interesting, I like it!

Dakota will play teenage Princess Margaret, the current British Queen’s sister.

Michael Hoffman has enticed Dakota Fanning to star in his romantic fairytale Girls’ Night Out, from a script by Trevor De Silva.

Hoffman, who is putting the finishing touches to the Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz starrer Gambit, will direct the story set against the backdrop of V.E. Day in 1945.

Dakota will play teenage Princess Margaret, the current Queen’s sister, who is allowed out from Buckingham Palace for one night to join in the celebrations. Alongside her yet-to-be-cast sister Elizabeth, the two have an adventurous night on the town.

Early acquisition birds landing in Berlin ahead of this year’s European Film Market will be able to capture the worm as the project is due to be introduced to buyers here by U.K.-based sales and finance house HanWay Films.

Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae at Ecosse Films are producing. The film was developed by Ecosse with HanWay Films who have previously worked together on a slew of Ecosse productions including Wuthering Heights, Nowhere Boy, Black Death, Brideshead Revisited and Becoming Jane.


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No modeling for Dakota. It seems that was false rumor or smth and also they got down her portfolio from their site…

As you can see Dakota’s IMG portfolio is already up on their site.  Be sure to check it out!

Congrats Dakota!!!


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We all know Dakota Fanning is beautiful.

But it seems the company that represents Gisele, Kate Moss, and Erin Wasson wants to bank on that, too.

This weekend, we spotted Dakota Fanning on the IMG Models Board, right by Liv Tyler and Lauren Hutton.  And although that doesn’t necessarily mean anything for Dakota’s possible fashion career, we hope since we spotted her at the Miu Miu show, she might star in their future campaign.  (Hey, if it worked for Kirsten…)

Meanwhile, here’s something else we noticed:

Ann Ward, the winner of America’s Next Top Model – which includes an IMG contract – hasn’t been added to the modeling agency’s roster yet.  We’re dying to see her test pictures though!

What other celebs should have a modeling deal?


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Check out what the 12-year-old actress revealed to the mag, including her longing to work with big sister Dakota, Brad Pitt and getting the hang of junior high:

On sharing her clothes with sister Dakota: “We’re sort of the same size. I’m taller than her, though . . . She does not like that at all. [both laugh] She probably doesn’t like me wearing her clothes either, but we do still share. I sneak into her closet and grab things out and put them on. She’s a senior, so she’s going to college soon.”

On dreaming of being Marilyn Monroe: “I love her look and everything. But I’ve seen The Seven Year Itch [1955] and I loved that. I watched that all the time when I was little. I liked the dress. I was her for Halloween when I was 7. I did the makeup and the mole and I did all the poses with blowing kisses and all that. But also, of course, I’d love to do something with my sister. I’ve never really acted with her before. I’ve played her at a younger age, but we’ve never been in the same scenes together.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Fans of Dakota Fanning were keen on the teen actress tackling a serious dramatic role as the lead in the supernatural drama “If I Stay.”

But a source familiar with the film said that, after the announcement in October that the star would take on the part, Fanning has opted not to make the movie, which leaves her without a new leading role (and also, incidentally, throws the project into question).

On Thursday afternoon a representative for the star confirmed she would not shoot the film and chalked it up to the actress’ desire to finish her senior year of high school. The representative said that Fanning will shoot the two “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” films (in which she plays Jane, a role that brings a decidedly lighter workload), and may shoot a smaller independent movie. But she will not take on any significant roles until after she graduates this spring.

Based on Gayle Forman’s young-adult novel about a teenage musician, her boyfriend and a fatal car accident, “Stay” has been a high priority for “Twilight” studio Summit.

But the project has now lost its star after previously losing a director (Catherine Hardwicke was attached before leaving to shoot the  dark fable “Red Riding Hood;” she has been replaced by a Brazilian filmmaker named Heitor Dhalia.) The studio also might have some reservations about the film in the wake of the poor performance of another supernatural teen drama, “Charlie St. Cloud,” earlier this year. A Summit spokesman did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Fanning’s stock remains high for producers who say they are attracted to her mix of what they describe as vulnerability and maturity, qualities she mined to well-regarded effect in this year’s music biopic “The Runaways.” The news also comes at a time when another Fanning’s star is rising too: Dakota Fanning’s sister Elle currently stars in “The Nutcracker in 3D” and Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere,” the latter of which has drawn strong reviews.


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