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The most remarkable moments in film this past year weren’t 3-D action sequences but characters so real they hurt. Here, the actors who made us believe

Dakota Fanning in “The Runaways”

“It was important for me to go to a normal high school. I have a locker, which was a big deal. My mom had to buy me a lock and teach me how to use it. It’s the little things: Where do you go at lunch? How do you open the locker? I wanted a yearbook! Now I have a lot of signatures in my yearbook—‘Have a good summer’ and all that.”

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2010 was great year for HD imagery on the walls outside of theaters, as well as on indoor screens. The mark of a great poster comes when you get to the end of the year and remember a design and title even if you never made it to the box office to see the film. The exceptional ones may have even convinced you to make Friday night plans and dole out 12 bucks for a ticket. Boasting some innovative layouts and homages to masterpieces of the past, as well as a keen grasp of what catches the eye, here are our top 10 picks for 2010 movie posters that will still be imprinted on our minds in 2011, 2012 and long after.

2. “The Runaways”

Simplicity wins out in this symphony of thinly veiled erogenous cues that is also a literal depiction of the Runaways’ hit song “Cherry Bomb.” The sparks, the cherry and the drip could have appeared alone with the film’s title and still been an effective teaser. The poster boils the concept of a Runaways biopic into a concoction that’s about as simple as they come, and as far as blunt messages go, this one wields a mighty large club. Source

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53. Dakota Fanning. The child star finally grew up (and then some) in The Runaways. While the role of Cherie Currie may have seemed like an awkward stretch at first, she managed to slip right into it.

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Dakota Fanning18. Dakota Fanning

(Last year: #8)

Yes, she’s one of the Volturi, but Fanning stole scenes from fellow Twilight-er Kristin Stewart in rock drama The Runaways, and was named her high school’s homecoming queen to boot.

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Check out what the 12-year-old actress revealed to the mag, including her longing to work with big sister Dakota, Brad Pitt and getting the hang of junior high:

On sharing her clothes with sister Dakota: “We’re sort of the same size. I’m taller than her, though . . . She does not like that at all. [both laugh] She probably doesn’t like me wearing her clothes either, but we do still share. I sneak into her closet and grab things out and put them on. She’s a senior, so she’s going to college soon.”

On dreaming of being Marilyn Monroe: “I love her look and everything. But I’ve seen The Seven Year Itch [1955] and I loved that. I watched that all the time when I was little. I liked the dress. I was her for Halloween when I was 7. I did the makeup and the mole and I did all the poses with blowing kisses and all that. But also, of course, I’d love to do something with my sister. I’ve never really acted with her before. I’ve played her at a younger age, but we’ve never been in the same scenes together.”

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