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Dakota Fanning attend the 2nd Annual Save The Children Illumination Gala at the Plaza on November 19, 2014 in New York City.



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Candids > 2014 > November 19 – Dakota Leaving Plaza Hotel In NY Gala

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Hi everyone i’m Martina, the new owner of Adoring Dakota, i’m here to provide you all the latest news and pictures about our beauty Dakota.

Dakota attends Barneys New York ‘Baz Dazzled’ holiday window unveiling dinner at Central Park Zoo on November 13, 2014 in New York City.


Public Appearances > Events In 2014 > November 13 – At A Private Dinner Hosted By Barneys New York, Baz Luhrmann And Catherine Martin In Celebration Of A Baz Dazzled Holiday

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Dakota attended the ‘It Girls of W Magazine’ Celebration in New York, last night and pictures have been added to the gallery. Unfortunately only one is HQ and untagged the rest is MQ and tagged. Hopefully we will get them in better quality soon. Enjoy!

A few steps away was the actress Dakota Fanning, who certainly qualifies as more than just It. What does the label mean to her? “I think of somebody who’s not me! When you hear that, you think of someone who’s very chic and cool. And it’s exciting to be in a room with all these chic, cool girls.”

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I’m sorry for the lack of updates, I was trying to catch up with everything. Here are some HQ pictures of Dakota supporting her sister at the Opening Ceremony during New York Fashion Week and at the Rodarte fashion show on Sept. 7th-9th. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > Events In 2014 > September 7 – Opening Ceremony – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015
Public Appearances > Events In 2014 > September 9 – Rodarte – Front Row & Backstage – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

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Dakota attended the Daily Front Row Second Annual Fashion Media Awards during New York Fashion Week, yesterday and she looked lovely in a short print dress. I have added to the gallery 39 HQ pictures. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > Events In 2014 > September 5 – The Daily Front Row Second Annual Fashion Media Awards, New York

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Dakota attended Bobby Long’s wedding in New York, yesterday. Bobby is best friends with her boyfriend Jamie Strachan and Robert Pattinson. Below you can see a fan picture. She looked gorgeous.


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The young actress doesn’t hit the milestone until February!

iFanning told me the other day while promoting her new movie,The Last of Robin Hood. “I kind of want to go do karaoke even though I’m terrified to do it. But I think if I’m 21 maybe I can have something to help me.”

Or she could celebrate at one of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. Fanning admits Bravo’sReal Housewives franchise, especially The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is a guilty pleasure.

“I love Lisa,” she said. “I met her actually. I had my 16th birthday at her restaurant before theReal Housewives of Beverly Hills was a thing. I saw this fabulous woman with this cute dog and then it turned out it was Lisa Vanderpump.”

The Last of Robin Hood (in theaters tomorrow) chronicles the real-life affair in the 1950s between teen actress Beverly Aadland (Fanning) and the much older Errol Flynn (Kevin Kline). Along for the ride was Beverly’s overbearing alcoholic momager Florence (Susan Sarandon).

The gossip columns of the day had a field day with the trio. Florence alleged in her 1961 book The Big Love that Beverly was just 15 years old when she and the 50-year-old Hollywood icon started having a sexual relationship. Flynn, others have speculated, may have been led to believe by Florence that she was already 18.

“I don’t make any statements on what’s right or wrong in the movie,” Fanning said. “I didn’t bring any personal morals into it or what I thought, if they were doing the right thing or the wrong thing.”

Fanning said, “It’s not my story and I don’t really know anyone who that is their story. Mother and daughter relationships are so complicated and they’re so nuanced. It’s hard to make judgments.”

“I just try and live the only way I know how,” Fanning said. “I just do my thing. My job is to be in films and then I have a really wonderful full personal life and it’s personal to me.

“I’m just so weirded out that anybody would want to know about me,” she said. “I don’t want to know about anybody else’s life. I don’t know what anybody want to know about mine. You don’t know me or anybody who’s really in my life so I don’t know why it’s that interesting.”


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Type Dakota Fanning’s name into Google and the search yields everything from the trivial (Awwww! She and boyfriend Jamie Strachan dress alike!), to the substantial (a discussion regarding her NYU studies on women in entertainment), to the already-filled-in prompt: “Dakota Fanning feet.” Hmmm. As a whole, the headlines cement one thing: There’s an insatiable curiosity to learn something—anything—about the starlet’s off-camera life. Yet, the 20-year-old, who can be seen this Friday in The Last of Robin Hood, is ambivalent about the topic.

“There’s a lot of information put out there about actors and their lives and what they do,” she says. “So, when someone sees [me] in the flesh, they feel like they know [me]. They want to see if [I] really exist.  But they don’t know [me]. It’s confusing for them—and then it’s confusing for me.”

And those chance encounters with fans can go utterly awry. Earlier this year, a complete stranger spotted Fanning in a restaurant and plopped down next to her in a booth. “I’m really fascinated by some of the interactions I have with people and the normal boundaries that should be universal for all,” she says with a laugh. They “go out the window if you are a known person.”

In Robin Hood, Fanning channels those feelings of stolen privacy to illuminate the life of Beverly Aadland, an underage, unaccomplished ’50s ingénue, whose affair with Hollywood screen legend Errol Flynn (played by Kevin Kline) finds her in the hot seat. Here, the 20-year-old discusses love with an older man, paparazzi, and a potential Fanning biopic:

The controversy was sparked mostly by the 30-year age gap between Flynn and Aadland. Do you believe the two were actually in love?

I never met Beverly—she passed away before my involvement with the movie—but [the film’s directors], Richard [Glatzer] and Wash [Westmoreland], developed a relationship with her and spoke with her at length. She truly felt, even at the end of her life, that it was real love. That she really loved him, and that Errol really loved her. I took notice of that.

In the first five minutes of the movie, your character descends from an airplane and is hounded by paparazzi and their flashing cameras. What was that like for you?

It was a bit surreal to film it for the movie. I’ve never fainted before [as I do in the film], but I’ve definitely had experiences that were similar.

How was your off-screen time with Susan Sarandon, who plays Beverly’s mother, Florence?

She’s truly an amazing woman and actor. She’s the definition of a strong woman: She speaks her mind, has opinions, and is adamant about them in a nonjudgmental way. I admire that—somebody who can be strong and not alienate people.

Costuming is such an imperative part of this film. How does it inform your everyday wardrobe? 

Even when I’m not working, or even if I’m just by myself, I think about how I want to portray myself that day, or who I want to be that day—and that goes into what I want to wear. I enjoy fashion; I enjoy clothing; I enjoy the workmanship that goes into clothing.

What would be your thoughts on a Dakota Fanning biopic?

God, no. I really hope not. I’m not that interesting—yet.


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I have added to the gallery HQ pictures of Dakota at Miu Miu Women’s Tales Dinner & Premiere at 71st Venice Film Festival on August 28th in Italy. Enjoy!

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Public Appearances > Events In 2014 > August 28 – Miu Miu Women’s Tales Dinner At 71st Venice Film Festival
Public Appearances > Events In 2014 > August 28 – ‘Miu Miu Women’s Tales #7 – #8′ – Premiere – 71st Venice Film Festival

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Dakota Fanning is reasonably sick of people telling her that she is so “grown up.” Sure, the young star’s entire youth was practically documented by Hollywood, but that’s no reason for anyone to be surprised that she, you know, has gotten older. One of the things that sets Dakota apart from actors newer to Hollywood is that the star has consistently played characters close to her age — and now that she is 20, she’s able to take on more adult roles.

Those who remember the cherubic blonde from Cat in the Hat or Uptown Girls might be surprised by Dakota’s role in The Last of Robin Hood. Playing against a much older Kevin Kline, the two retell the scandalous story of playboy Errol Flynn and the 17-year-old Beverly Aadland, with whom he allegedly had a two-year tryst with in 1957. (For those keeping track, yes, that would be statutory rape.) The story is Tinseltown legend and since it ended with Flynn’s death, it seems like a particularly sordid affair, one that fascinates Dakota — she did grow up under the glare of Hollywood, after all. 

You have a lot of friends that are both in and out of Hollywood, right? 
“Yeah. I mean, most of my friends are from high school. It’s a great balance.”

Once upon a time, the studios had a star in a narrative, and a world that they wanted to create. They didn’t just sell you on a picture — they sold you on the story of a leading man/woman, too. Do you think that it is the same today or is it harder now? 
“Now, it’s not only a studio; now it’s everyone. The world has some idea of who they want you to be and who you’re supposed to be, and that’s difficult because the media has grown. Now, everyone is allowed into other people’s lives in a weird way. So, for this movie, it was interesting to explore a time when there was still a lot of mystery to the industry and the people that were in the films. I mean, there are no pictures of Bette Davis with no makeup on, coming out of her home. It’s a whole different thing.

Do you feel like Hollywood — or the press — tries to put you in a box? Like they want you to be a reflection of what they’ve created? 
“Yeah, and I totally reject all of that. My job is to be an actor and to portray different characters and be all different types of people. I think people take who they think you are in your personal life, and try to apply that to movies. So, I totally don’t even go there or buy into it, because it would drive me crazy. If I had a quarter for every time people have said ‘I’ve watched you grow up’ or ‘You’re so grown up’… I’d have a lot of money.”

Well, we’ve watched you grow up — I’ll give you a quarter — but now you’re officially taking on adult roles. What is it like doing sex scenes, now? 
“That is a whole other thing. It’s funny, because in this movie, especially after everything I just said, I was playing someone who’s 15. I’m just getting to now portray those women in movies and it’s exciting to get to do new things. It’s weird when you do grow up doing movies. I can kind of think back on each year of my life and think about what movie I was doing. It’s evolved and changed [and] I hope that it continues to do that. You see so many people who are 30, and they play people in high school. That’s the amazing thing about acting. You can do that — if you choose too.”

But, then you see somebody like Susan Sarandon, who’s gone with these roles and is blazing paths for funny, sexy women. 
“I admire her so much. Working with her was one of the most amazing things about making this movie. She’s really incredible.”

What was it like to seduce somebody who’s much older than you? 

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